What we do

Everything you need to create your event safely


HUNE Energy are specialist energy suppliers for all kinds of events, and provide what is necessary for its set up and production:

  • Soundproofed generators with special marking (from 5 to 5,000 kVAs
  • Electric panels (from 32 to 1,600 Amps)
  • Cabling, connectors, yellow-jackets, lighting…
  • Modular construction and chemical toilets
  • Machinery and lifting platforms (forklifts, pallets, handlers…) for all material logistics and setting up of events.

Energy is our main speciality. With wide national coverage and professional technical assistance at large events, we make personalised studios with comprehensive service for many different sectors. The new fleet of generators, acquired in 2016, are divided into generators of 100, 250 and 500 kVAs, and can end up offering power of up to 5,000 kVAs, as they are set up to be synchronised and connected in parallel and have the latest technology.