HUNE training department


HUNE RENTAL, S.L. is the Spanish national reference point in the training of Work Equipment Operators.

We are an organisation with more than 10 years experience in Machine Operator Training. We have provided training to over 45,000 students.

Our training courses are targeted at workers from industrial, construction or service sectors who need to perform their work more safely and efficiently.

With our courses, businesses have the guarantee and peace of mind that comes from knowing their staff is trained in accordance with the provisions of the 1997 Royal Decree 1215 on Conditions for the Use of Mobile and Self-Propelled Work Equipment:

“The driving of self-propelled work equipment shall be reserved for employees who have received specific training in the safe driving of these machines.”

Approvals and Accreditations

In January 2013 HUNE became the first machinery rental organisation certified in accordance with the new UNE training regulations:

  • UNE 58923: Mobile Elevated Working Platforms, Operator Training.

  • UNE 58451: Operator of Industrial Trucks Up To 10,000 kg.

HUNE has been audited by the certification body BUREAU VERITAS.


HUNE is also certified by AENOR in the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 Environment standards.


It is the only Spanish organisation accredited by the PASMA International Organisation for Scaffold Tower Operator training.