At LoxamHune we are leaders in equipment rental in Spain and Portugal. We are part of the LOXAM Group, the European leader and third worldwide with a network of 1055 agencies present in 30 countries.

At LOXAMHUNE we deal with short, medium and long term rental of machinery and lifting platforms.

We also have prefabricated modules for sites, for use as temporary educational and sanitary facilities, etc., and generators giving a heigth, medium or low power output.

Our services are hired by companies in very different sectors such as construction, telecommunications, industry, energy, services, installation and infrastructure maintenance, events, wind farms, environment, etc.

LOXAMHUNE has a machine inventory of more than twenty thousand units, nine thousand are large machines.

Operational structure

With a broad operational structure covering all of Spain, France and Portugal, LOXAMHUNE has five area centres to cover the more than 55 delegations from which we give service to our customers throughout this territory.



Technical Services and Maintenance

Our experienced technical service of LOXAMHUNE, secures the optimal maintenance of the fleet and provides quick response to any incident that might happen.

In summary, LOXAMHUNE intends to be within the rental sector of machinery and platforms, the market leader for its professionalism and commitment to its customers.