Mission, vision and values



Thanks to our experience and dedication, we offer our customers much more than a rental At LoxamHune we work to make the world a safer place, improving the interrelation between machines and people

We provide the best machinery equipment and lifting platforms

We train people for the efficient and safe use of our equipment



It is the framework in which we focus our efforts to reach the short, medium and long term objectives At LoxamHune we aim to

Grow in a sustainable and profitable way

Be recognised as a leader in the sectors in which we operate

Be a security benchmark in our sector



People: Effort and teamwork as signs of identity Our team is formed of hardworking, Ambitious, responsible and committed people.

Professionalism and Integrity are non negotiable


The focus of all our priorities. We bring added value to meet all their needs for operating our machinery: advice, collaboration, training courses and technical assistance.


We apply technology to improve efficiency in all our processes, with criteria for continuous improvement and new technologies oriented towards innovation in all our departments.

Health and Safety

We are committed to safety and occupational health, applying a policy of Health and Safety that contributes to the reduction of accidents, breakdowns and bad uses, both internally and with our customers, suppliers and employees.


We offer the most variety of machinery and lifting platforms, whilst always meeting quality and safety requirements.


We comply with our Corporate Social Responsibility, beyond the ISO Certificates of Quality Management and Environmental Management.