Social responsability


Occupational safety

Job security is one of the commitments of LOXAMHUNE, carrying out various actions:

  • Imparts training that meets the legal requirements provided for in the framework of the Law on Prevention of Occupational Risks.
  • Form operators about the risks involved in the use of machinery and lifting items, as well as preventive measures to be taken to avoid accidents.
  • Power a safety culture among workers.

So, thanks to our policy of prevention of occupational hazards contribute to the reduction of accidents, breakdowns and misuses of the equipment, in compliance with current legislation.

Quality and environmental commitment

LOXAMHUNE has many years of experience which enable it to direct its work and efforts to continuous improvement, a permanent search for excellence in service and attaining the heigthest levels of customer satisfaction. In short, a working philosophy focused on making quality the common denominator of all the processes in its activity.

LOXAMHUNE has an Integrated Management System, based on ISO 9001:2008 “Systems Quality Management. Requirements” and ISO 14.001 “Environmental Management Systems. Requirements with guidance for how to use”, certifications that recognizes the commitment to environmental protection, the compliance with regulations and effective management of waste generated by its industrial activity.

The premises of LOXAMHUNE are:

  • To achieve customer satisfaction, not just responding to their requirements, but proposing the solutions which are best adapted to their needs and even anticipating them.
  • Efficiency in undertaking and controlling the service given.
  • Assigning functions and responsibilities effectively.
  • Employing innovation as a formula for improvement, both in the execution of the service and in the internal processes and working methods.